New Features

  • Tai, your AI-powered teaching assistant, is here

    image.png JupyterLab and Cloud IDE based Labs now have Tai, your AI-powered teaching assistant. Find Tai on your left sidebar and begin asking questions such as:

    • "How can I create a list in Python?"
    • "What is wrong with this code my_list = [1 , 2 3]?"
    • Paste in error messages to get advice on how to resolve the error
    • Labs now have a tab for Tai, an AI-powered teaching assistant

    • Tai has guardrails for filtering harmful inputs and outputs

  • Other Features

    • Cloud IDE - Watson Text to Speech now has access to Spanish and Portuguese voices
    • Labs load if Tai is unavailable

Bugs Fixed

  • CV Studio - Error when deploying a training model

  • JupyterLab - plotly shows a blank screen instead of a plot

  • Labs not showing relevant error for a banned user

    Launching labs now as a banned user will display the relevant error